This website relies extensively on JavaScript and CSS2/3 for
its design and inner workings.

This means that it will not work or display correctly on every
browser, but we have tried to make sure the website works well on
as big a selection of browsers as possible, for Windows, Mac OS X,
Linux and other operating systems.
1. Browsers on which this website should display OK are:

- Mozilla Firefox (version 1.07 and up tested)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows version 6 and 7
- Apple Safari (version 2 and up tested)
- Opera 9 and up
- KDE Konqueror
- Netscape version 8 and up

2. Browsers on which this website was tested and where the
website does not display correctly, mostly because of the lack of
certain transparancy features, are:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer for MacOS X, version 5.2
- iCab version 3.0.3
- Opera version 8.x and lower

In order to view this website correctly, please use one of the
browsers mentioned in "1", and have JavaScript and cookies enabled.